Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Long Ride

Today was the longest ride for this year.  I don't expect another one like it this summer.  To Normandale and back, it clocked in at 165 km.  

Downtown Normandale
On the way back I got caught in a thunderstorm.  If it was just rain, I would carry on through, but the thunder was overhead, and I could see some fierce lightning in the distance, so I stopped and huddled under a tree to wait it out.  A kind lady in a nearby house invited me to sit on the porch with her, and she made us some tea while I waited the 20 minutes for the worst of it to pass.  Another 20 km up the road, I made it back to sunshine, but my shoes had already filled with water and wouldn't be the same for the rest of the trip.

Weather porn
An hour later, another thunderhead passed a long way to the South, without affecting me.  Overall, then it was still a good day.  I loved about the Ironman training how easy it was to cover 160 km every weekend. I'm expecting leg spasms in the night tonight.  Today I felt strong.  I'm expecting the September half-distance race to go well. I have my wings prepped for the Midsummernight's Run, so that should be a good time too.

Here's what I listened to today.

  • Jonzun Crew - Lost In Space
  • John Williams (soundtracks) - Lost In Space (TV Series)
  • Honeymoon Suite - Honeymoon Suite
  • Bon Jovi - Lost Highway

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