Sunday, 5 February 2017

Hypothermic Half 2017

Every time I raced this, I said never again.  When I saw the medal with the abominable snow monster, I chose to come back.  There was some snow blowing for the drive there, but it stopped by the time we arrived. I went with Tammy from my running group training for Around The Bay.  I was nice weather this year; right around 0 C.  Had a good run.  It's a great brunch afterwards, and now I'm very tired.  The next 6 weeks have 20 km runs on the ATB training schedule, so that will be a regular Sunday thing.

And we're off

Some things didn't work well.
  • Carrying a water bottle and fiddling with my gloves and phone was a problem.  I kept dropping one or another of them. Shouldn't have brought the bottle. Shouldn't worry about pictures. 
  • The clip to attach my phone to my belt is really important.  My jacket pockets aren't any good for that. Dropped the phone twice. 
  • The Powerbar chews were no good, because they were too hard to get out of the package wearing gloves, and also because I wasn't drinking enough water to get them down.  Need to stick with gels in winter.
I updated my prep list so I don't make these mistakes at ATB.

Race prep
Finished in 2:07

On your marks

Perth Kilt Run

Was waiting for the Guinness certification to post this, but it never came.  It seems something went wrong, and we didn't get the largest kilt run. Never heard why.  Looks like they will try again in 2017.  No marathon in 2017, so i guess i should have done that last year.  Once in a lifetime.  It was a hot day.  They had the most music I've come across during a race.  A piper (bag) on many a corner. 

Long kilt over long legs
On your marks

Thousands came to run

Kilt runners

Chafing set in about here