Sunday, 5 February 2017

Hypothermic Half 2017

Every time I raced this, I said never again.  When I saw the medal with the abominable snow monster, I chose to come back.  There was some snow blowing for the drive there, but it stopped by the time we arrived. I went with Tammy from my running group training for Around The Bay.  I was nice weather this year; right around 0 C.  Had a good run.  It's a great brunch afterwards, and now I'm very tired.  The next 6 weeks have 20 km runs on the ATB training schedule, so that will be a regular Sunday thing.

And we're off

Some things didn't work well.
  • Carrying a water bottle and fiddling with my gloves and phone was a problem.  I kept dropping one or another of them. Shouldn't have brought the bottle. Shouldn't worry about pictures. 
  • The clip to attach my phone to my belt is really important.  My jacket pockets aren't any good for that. Dropped the phone twice. 
  • The Powerbar chews were no good, because they were too hard to get out of the package wearing gloves, and also because I wasn't drinking enough water to get them down.  Need to stick with gels in winter.
I updated my prep list so I don't make these mistakes at ATB.

Race prep
Finished in 2:07

On your marks

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