Monday, 23 June 2014

Beware The Dog

My really long runs go into the local farmland.  It's quiet, and flat enough.  I've tried running beside the highway, but the camber of the shoulder made my ankles ache.  The farmers don't generally tie up their dogs.  Most of them keep to their yard.  That's what they are defending -- it's their territory, so you're safe on the road.  Some will venture out.

Normally my policy is to take off my sunglasses and avert my eyes.  If you look at them, it's a challenge, and they bark.  If you're wearing sunglasses, you look like a giant insect, and you're looking at them.  . Dogs just hate to be looked at by strangers.

Farm dog
This little guy seemed harmless enough, however.  He was quiet and shy, perhaps just wanting someone to play with.  With him, I said hello.  He lunged, and bit me on the leg.  I panicked, "Oh no! the tights."  My CRW tights cost more than my running shoes. It's what I wear on runs over 2 hours. I feel less achy that night and the next day.  Luckily there was no gash in the lycra from the dog's teeth.  

Sunday, 15 June 2014


Had a short ride in the Woodstock area. Here's the radio towers on Bower Hill. The new pavement there is great. Make sure your brakes are ready for the stoplight at the bottom. Bower Hill from the North 
Bower Hill, North face
Jen was browsing in Multisport Zone and ended up buying a wetsuit. Hurray! More swimming, riding, and running adventures for the two of us. We signed up for the Niagara Barrelman. It looks like a great half-iron race. You swim the abandoned Welland canal, then bike to Niagara Falls where you run along the parkway.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ride For Heart

I did the Ride For Heart again this year. 

Ride For Heart 2014

It's a fund raiser for heart and stroke, for which they close the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway on Sunday morning for us to bike on.  New this year were the red and white helmet covers.  It was nice that they mailed us those and the bike tags.  No need to wait in long lines for packet pick-up.

This year I was with daughter Jen, fellow Waterloo alum Ted, plus his wife Janice, and friend Stanis. The three of them are on a dragonboat team together. 

I like the opportunity to admire others' bikes.  Here's a novel idea. Sidecar.

It was a nice leisurely ride of about 3 hours over the 50 km.  The weather was the best ever.  Warm and sunny.  We determined to ride the 75 km distance next time.

Everybody adjust your helmet