Monday, 23 June 2014

Beware The Dog

My really long runs go into the local farmland.  It's quiet, and flat enough.  I've tried running beside the highway, but the camber of the shoulder made my ankles ache.  The farmers don't generally tie up their dogs.  Most of them keep to their yard.  That's what they are defending -- it's their territory, so you're safe on the road.  Some will venture out.

Normally my policy is to take off my sunglasses and avert my eyes.  If you look at them, it's a challenge, and they bark.  If you're wearing sunglasses, you look like a giant insect, and you're looking at them.  . Dogs just hate to be looked at by strangers.

Farm dog
This little guy seemed harmless enough, however.  He was quiet and shy, perhaps just wanting someone to play with.  With him, I said hello.  He lunged, and bit me on the leg.  I panicked, "Oh no! the tights."  My CRW tights cost more than my running shoes. It's what I wear on runs over 2 hours. I feel less achy that night and the next day.  Luckily there was no gash in the lycra from the dog's teeth.  

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