Friday, 1 August 2014

All Your Bridges are Closed

The Saturday blood donor clinic was full, so after my daughter made my lunch at Pita Pit, I carried on South, intending to circle around through Aylmer.  It wasn't happening.  The bridge is out along White Oak Road.  Undaunted, I made a bypass, and found the next crossing of the expressway under construction as well.  Further along, I don't even know if they are building a crossing at Wonderland, but it wasn't happening either.  I eventually came to Colonel Talbot, but it is way, way, way to busy for me on my bike.  I went North back into town.  That's where it began raining, just to rub it in.

Westminster Drive is closed

White Oak Road is closed

I don't even know what that is out Wonderland Road

so I carried on South.

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