Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Forest City Road Races

Jennifer texted me in January to ask if I was free on May 4.  The Mississauga Marathon was scheduled for that day, and she would need a ride if she entered.  I had gotten he same promotional e-mail from them, so I clicked on over to the race web site and signed up.  I phoned her to say that I was ready to go.  “Unnh,” she groaned.  “I just wanted to know if the date was available. I’m not sure yet if I want to do the race.” “How about the half?” I suggested. “No, it’s the full or nothing.” The race is on.

 A few weeks later, she was up late studying, bored, and went shopping.  What else is on this spring?  Well, the Run for Retina looks like fun.  It’s the same course as the half she did last fall.  So she signed up for the 10 k, and added 10 k in the Forest City Road Races.  Now it’s spring.  She’s doing marathon training, and 10 k is too short 3 weeks out, so she upgraded her race to the half.  Then, she texted me to ask if I wanted to come along.  No, I don’t.  I’ve got my scheduled races, and this isn’t a racing weekend.  Except, I want to support her athletics, my scheduled run for the day happens to be the half, and there’s nothing in the world I would rather be doing Sunday morning than run with her. So off I went to run for retina.


Two weeks later, and it's another race day in London.  The Forest City Road Races.  Both daughters are entered in the 10 km race.  I'm not running. Today I am hero support.  Meghan hasn't trained, but Jen and I want to encourage her to do this.  It's a great sport. 

Off they went.  I got to see the winners coming in. That's a rare treat.  Then I headed to the intersection where they return to the park.  and waited.  and waited.  and waited.  Most everyone was lost in their music, so I wasn't cheering.  The cow bell was at home.  An hour and a half in, the fun run was held, so I went to watch that.  Where were my girls?  They were walking at the tail end, with the marshal on bike following closely to see that they make it all the way. I hope Jen's ready for the coming pain next weekend.

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