Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cinderella 5k - Race Report

The challenge of Disney race weekend isn't in the races, it's the stress of getting up so early every day.  For the Cinderella 5k, the alarm went off at 5 am Friday.  Race start was 6:30.  

Just after dawn
My big concern was parking, but it was easy.  Everyone parked in the big lot at Epcot, with marshals directing us to fill all the spaces.  The security fencing of the starting area meant we had to take the long way around to get to the start, but for us there was plenty of time.  Runners arriving closer to the starting time should find it easy to make it in time, since the parking was so well arranged.  

There were five corrals, leaving at 8-minute intervals.  Jen and I were in the last, so the winners had arrived back by the time we headed out of the corral to the starting chute.  
Everyone dresses up
Most everyone was dressed up.  There were plenty of skirts, themed costumes, including ball gowns in the Cinderella style.  Jen was in her Miranda dress.  I wore the gray shirt provided for the half, with the pink sash that we got for racing the half as a team. The sky was cloudy, gloomy in the morning mist, as everyone got under way. 

Skirts, dresses
 The course is one lap of the international lake area of Epcot, and back to the parking lot.  They had a few Disney princesses on the course for photos.  Princess Atta was there.  We didn't stop for that.  There were line-ups at each of the characters for the photo ops.  The whole course is wonderful scenery.  You are racing around the world!  Better off to bring a camera and do it yourself. It was cold before dawn but warmed up nicely by the time the race started, making the weather fine for both skimpy outfits and full-coverage costumes.

Must stop for photo opportunities
The race expo was on Thursday.  I got a tube of liquid Body Glide which should work well with my wetsuit.  I also got some min Body Glide sticks to use on Sunday for the half. I bought Jen a shirt with glow-in-the-dark fairy wings.  It's lovely, but would likely work better with reflective paint instead.  Maybe it's good for both, I haven't seen it at night. The shirt for the 5k was only cotton, and a dark navy which I'm unlikely to wear. I didn't see anyone wear it for the race.  I wore it for the day at the park after the race on Friday.  It was okay that day.  Run 5k slow and easy, then walk the Magic Kingdom park for 10 hours.  Glad I'm not racing Saturday.  Jen is on her own for that one.  

Saturday, the alarm was 3:30am for a 5:30 start.  This after getting home at midnight.  Racing the 10k and the half gets Jen a fourth medal for the Glass Slipper Challenge.  She raced in the Miranda dress again.  The 10k goes from Epcot parking, out to the main road and back, then the same loop of the international area as the 5k.  I walked her to the corrals, then went out to the road with my cowbell.  You can always use more cowbell.  There was 5 waves again, with a couple thousand people each, so I couldn't find her in the crush of people at all.  She was an early wave, so after the last wave went by me, I was just in time to make it to the finish to see her come in.  

What a great set of races.  Everyone is there to have fun and is infectiously happy.  There's none of the usual race talk of times and PRs.  Dress up and smile.

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