Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cold weather has arrived

I have been doing my long run outside for the past month, with short runs on the treadmill.  It's good for motivation to have an actual paid-for event to plan for, so I signed up for the CHOK YMCA Hypothermic Half Marathon in February.  The web site is peculiarly spartan.  I can't even tell if they have done the race before.  Okay, I checked Road Race Results, and they had 134 people finish last year, ranging from an 1:22 , to 2:51 hours.  February is a dangerous time of year for this.  I wonder how they even got insurance coverage.  Nevertheless, Ottawa has a similar race.  

Temperature minus 10 C in the sun

I have had temperatures just around freezing.  This week, finally the real cold has arrived, with -10 C for my runs.  It's a different kind of thing running that cold.  I have some good gear, but race day worries me.  I don't have much experience yet.  If there's a wind off Lake Huron, it will be frightfully cold.  If it's wet, my shoes can't cope. I don't even know if they are closing the roads, or if the race is supported with water stations.

Nice dry sidewalks

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