Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Had a ride today

I'm in the middle of the big long workout push for Ironman Louisville.  I switched out my bicycle seat last week, and installed the thick cushy gel seat that I've used for all my previous Ironman races.  I kept thinking that I could perhaps get used to a regular seat like on my commuter bike, if I only gave it enough time.  Once the rides got up over 4 hours, I couldn't take it.  It's like sitting on a rock for too many hours.  The gel seat wroks for me, and was fine for today's 4-hour ride. 95 km.  Today I followed the roads towards Port Burwell, but turned back after 50 km.  The ride felt good.  A bit of burn in my right foot around 80 km, so I might need to see what I can do for that issue.  I've never had trouble with blisters before, so I don't exactly know what to do.  I feel strong.  Last weeks 20k went really well.  With the bike-seat trouble a couple weeks back, I was still having the uneasy feeling that maybe I can't do this.  I'm just starting to get over that, and looking forward to race day as a battle which I will overcome.

It's Tuesday, so I had the Running Room group run tonight with the Scotiabank half marathon group.  I didn't eat enough after the bike ride, and was whupped after 10 minutes.  Tomorrow is the Marilyn Manson concert, so it's a short day for workouts, and then a rest day.

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