Monday, 30 March 2015

Around The Bay

Jen described it as reminders of parts of her favourite races.  There's the store-lined streets of downtown, like The Yonge Street 10k, the highways and overpasses of Disney, the hilly suburbs of The Mississauga Marathon.  

Across the overpass

Long road ahead

The crossing lights were on, alarms sounding

We parked several blocks away, then found that the lot across from the stadium was still mostly empty.  It was great to be able to wait for the start in the warm stadium.  It was really cold outside.  

Batman! That's going on the blog

I can understand people complaining about the weather if they are summer runners, and tried running here in shorts.  After the Hypothermic Half, we were well prepared, with layers of Merano wool to keep us warm, heavy gloves, hats.  It's what you need.  It was a nice sunny day if you had the right gear.

Happy Palm Sunday

It was Palm Sunday, and two churches had people out waving palm fronds, wishing us a good run.  

Skyway in the distance. We just came from there.

I like how you could always look across the bay to see where you were going, or had been.  It really gave a sense of the scale of a long run like this.  

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