Saturday, 22 November 2014

Yes, I rode today

It's that time of year when people ask me, "Did you ride today?"  

The first snowfall of 2014

Yes, I did.  I have all the right gear, so the snow isn't so bad. The balaclava.  Must have a balaclava. And the ski goggles. Can't leave any skin exposed at all. Snow is much better than the rain.  The rain gets in and I'm wet, and cold and there's nothing that helps.  This storm was easy, because the snow was light and fluffy, so I could cruise right through it.  When it's wet packing snow, the tires have a much harder time to plow through it with these wide tires I have on.  They pack the snow down instead of slicing through like narrow tires would.

There's a train coming

I tried snow tires for my bike, with tungsten studs screwed into the knobs.  It's supposed to help on ice.  It doesn't.  It's ice, and it's slick no matter what.  I've still got the street tires on my Townie, which I use in the winter.  When I take the bike in for the mid-winter tune up, I will have them put on the snow tires.  

Snow on the overpass

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