Sunday, 12 October 2014


In The Walking Dead they have several names for the zombies, and none of them is "zombie".  For typical shambling zombies, they are called "walkers". Idle ones inside a building are "lurkers".  

Farm dogs come in two main types.  Casual dogs will just sit and look at you.  They don't bark, or run, or anything.  What good dogs those are.  More common are the freak-outs. They bark like mad.  They come dashing across the lawn when I go by.  Sometimes, they run right out into the road.  A couple times I've been on the far side, and the dog has blindly risked being run over, and stopped traffic when it came into the road.

This dog is different.  It's a lurker.  Here he is hiding behind a tree waiting to pounce.  
I will hide here

The one in the pictures here is the same one that bit me once.  Yes, I keep moving.  A couple weeks ago, a big farm dog came up from behind as I was running past his place, and quietly trotted along with me a few paces.  Shoo dog.  You're worrying me. 

I will creep up slowly on the unsuspecting human

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