Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ironman Wisconsin - Race Day

We were up at 6:30 am, just as the race was getting started.  After the Friday bike ride, my chest was burning. It was still growing the hair back after A Midsummer Night's Run.  The stubble was just a quarter inch, and hurt with the shirt rubbing on it.  I bought a razor Saturday and shaved it clear again.  It felt so much better now!

Bike Special Needs
We were away by 7:30, arriving in Verona at 8.  We were working the 9 am shift at Special Needs area for bike.  The first pros were expected around 10:30, so I thought we would begin by arranging the bags in order.  That was already finished when we got there.  The 7 am crew had done that, and were leaving for the day.  

Hand me my stuff while I coast a bit
The captain gave us our assignment.  It was a volunteer duty like no other!  Hold peoples' bikes while they use the porta potty.  It would be poop jokes all day.  and piss.  Lots of piss.  Piss in the potty, piss on the grass behind the potty, piss in the cornfield.  
Porta potty is at the end of the station.  
We were forbidden from giving out the water.  There was enough for our personal use only.  Riders began passing by on towards 9, beginning loop 1 of 2.  The bike holding began straight away.  Plenty of nice new carbon bikes.  One had the new hollow frame into which you pour drinking water.  As the day morning went on, came road bikes, many without aerobars.  

There was one crash.   I don't know if the guy was coming or going to our station, but someone behind ran into him and went down.  On towards 12 o'clock, there were six of us, holding two bikes apiece.  That thinned to a trickle of riders.  We had a couple abandonments.  The day was sunny and nice, with little wind.  A perfect day for riding.

After seeing the last of the riders off, was clean-up.  Lots of Gu packets.  Plenty of Chamois Butt'r.  The porta potty was a preferred stop to apply more of that. I washed my hands well after the cleanup chore.  

I don't intend to use special needs, but I feel I must stop here next year for old times sake.
Out of the water, then up the ramp to your bike

Jen and I drove into town and parked near transition.  We were just in time to see the men's winner come in.  

They have just conquered Observatory Hill
We strolled around the capital square and decided to head over to the University area at turn around.  Jen went into the University bookstore and bought us poster board and markers.  My sign was, "Enjoy the downhill".  Hers was "Kick the hill's asphalt".  
The last of the downhill.  Observatory is the only notable hill on the run course.

We stayed through arrived for many runners' first loop, and most everyone's second loop.  Waving, ringing cow bell, talking them up, cracking jokes; "Bye bye.  See you again in two hours".  "Aid station at the corner, with food! chicken broth! non-alcoholic beverages!"  

The full moon rose behind us.  Not a cloud.  It was a great day. About 9 they got a lot slower.  Most everyone walking, some poorly.  I respect that. This will be me, struggling just to get there.

Monday.  We packed up the tent and cleared out early.  We mad the line-up by 8 am, with a couple hundred there already.  This is what I came for.  In 2010, I sat at my computer to sign up for 2011, and was froze out, with the race selling out in minutes.  Finally I bought my entry for 2015. 363 days until my race here.  It's going to be awesome.

The volunteers in line Monday

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