Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hurray for lifetime warranty

I bought the Kurt trainer because the reviews described it as one of the most durable units available.  I had proven that I was going to spend hours and hours riding through the winter, so it made sense to get the model that would last for years.  Other hydraulic units had complaints of oil leaks.  Hydraulic seemed to be agreed to be the best resemblance of road riding.  My previous stationary bike used magnets, which worked really well, but for a replacement, I was ready to step up a level, since I was way past the fad stage, and knew I would be spending many hours on it.

The Kurt trainer

It's been about 10 years using it.  Thousands and thousands of simulated kilometers.  Last winter I was reading someone's blog, and the writer commented on how quiet her trainer is. I don't remember it ever being quiet.  The sound of the chain running through the derailleur has always been loud.  Well, not really loud.  Outside you don't notice, but in the quiet basement it's really noticeable.  So anyway when I read that, I thought, man this thing is noisy.  It's so loud I can't hear the chain in the derailleur anymore.  Plus, it's grinding something.  I can feel the vibration in my feet.  I took the bike in and had them change the bearings in the bottom bracket where the crank meets the frame, and that didn't help, so I'm sure it's the trainer.  

I e-mailed to Kurt and asked about getting the bearings changed.  I even sent a video where you can hear the roar.  They sent a whole new resistance unit to honor the lifetime warranty.  What a difference.  It's not just the sound, but it's easier to pedal, so I can use the whole range of gears again.  Thanks Kurt.

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