Wednesday, 12 June 2013

YMCA International Bridge Race

What a cool idea.  Race across the Blue Water bridge.  They started this way back when I lived in Sarnia.  Since then, it's become twin bridges, still collectively know as "The Bridge".  When I first heard about it 5 years ago, I immediately determined to enter.  

Prep at the starting line

It's a small-town event; about 500 entrants.  No web site, just the info page on the Running Room site.  Still, it has everything you need.  a shirt (technical), a medal, food afterwards, water stations, chip timing.  They charter a half dozen school buses to take everyone from the finish to the starting line across the border.  This year US customs had us all disembark the bus and checked ID.  There were 3 water stations, not the 5 shown on the map. Three is plenty enough water for 10 km.  

I worked the overnight shift Friday, slept less than an hour, and set off for Sarnia on Saturday morning.  Courtesy of Monster drink.  Meghan had nothing to do, so she tagged along.  We stopped along the way in Oil Springs to take some pictures that I'll be posting on WikiMedia.  Dinner was home-made at grandma's by my brother, who just happened to be in town. I have to get to bed, so I can't go out with him.  Lots of rice for dinner.  We watched Arial America touring Michigan, then I crashed at 9 pm while they watched the ball game. or maybe it was the hockey game.  I was tired and didn't notice.  


Alarm time was 5 am.  I slept really well, and was feeling great.  I had all my gear laid out.  Looking outside, the sky was mostly clear.  The forecast all week was for rain, so I brought my long tights and jacket.  It's too warm for those, so I went to the shorts and brand new Yonge Street 10 k shirt. A bowl of granola, then a stop at Tim Horton's for a bagel.  We parked near the beach, and I suited up.  My race belt had slipped the clasp off again, and I spent 5 minutes looking for it in the minivan before finding it still clipped on the belt, but only on the one end.  I fixed that and was ready.  I need to patch that so it doesn't happen again.  It's essential race gear, since it holds the bib.  No bib, no race.  

Looking back

My camera had the operating system freeze up the last time I ran it, so I wanted to get a ton of pictures.  Next time I can do it just for the run.  I brought my HD video camera, and  carried it in my hand.  The pictures are screen captures from the movie.  

The rain stayed away.  There wasn't much sun, but it was really warm for so early in the morning.  They had plenty of supplies for us at the finish. 

Meghan had 2 hours to kill waiting for me to come back, so she chatted with the organizers setting up, and was put to work helping them.  We stayed for the awards.  They had a team with grandparent, parents, and children all together.  This is a great sport. Everyone takes part.

Meghan hands out medals

I pushed to about where I felt uncomfortable, finishing in 53 minutes.  Not much faster than the 59 minutes I paced Jen to on Yonge Street last month.  About the same speed I was 5 years ago.  

Dinner time!  They closed our local KFC back around Christmas time, so that's what we had for lunch.  I like something greasy after a workout.  

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