Saturday, 20 April 2013

I need a new deck

There was a bit of extra bounce in my Horizon treadmill, so I took it apart and found the deck split up the middle.  The deck is a half-inch piece of particleboard covered in MACtac.  That was a surprise.  I thought it was a steel plate like the rest of the machine frame.  I wouldn't have thought particle board to be sturdy enough, and it turns out that I'm right.  It's lasted about three years, with some particularly heavy use this past winter.  

Treadmill deck is split

I  hauled the deck into the local Treadmill Factory, who said they could come up with a replacement.  The salesman went straight into a sales pitch, which was fine.  I want a unit that's metric.  Converting from miles in my head is annoying.  I demonstrated this winter, that i will use it enough to upgrade to a commercial duty unit.  The first thing I asked about the demo unit he showed me was, "does it do metric?".  He's showing the current Horizon, which is similar to mine.  I suggest we look at the next level up, which is AFG.  These have larger rollers, thicker deck, and more sturdy frame for squeak prevention.  Sounds good, and I brought one of them home.  Surprise!  It only does miles.  I could have cried.

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