Sunday, 25 November 2012

What fits in the backpack

Riding a bike puts a strict limit on how much I can buy when stopping at the supermarket.  With the Townie and its generous panniers, I can fit a case of beer and plenty of groceries on the other side.  With the road bike I just have my backpack.  Last week I stopped on the way to work for a can of cat food, and found it to be on sale for a generous 1/3 off.  So I bought 40, which was all I estimated to fit in the pack.  It's waiting in my locker at work.  I wasn't bringing it all home in one trip.

One backpack worth of cat food

I like the cool new style lock I found.  It uses sliders instead of the customary dial, so I can run it with one hand.  It's sturdy like most school dial locks.  I bought one like it for taking to the pool, because, well, I'm not abandoning my valuables, and don't want to carry a key.  

Master 1500iD Padlock
Last year I had my expensive lobster-claw cycling mits stolen from the change room at work.  How bad is theft there?  I bought a dozen heavy-duty coat hangers so there would be something sturdy to hang my winter coat on.  They all disappeared by the end of the year.  Who steals coat hangers?  So I took possession of a locker for my stuff.  

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