Saturday, 31 March 2012

Waiting for a train

I took the running jacket out again a week ago.  This time there were no problems.  Maybe it was my choice of undershirt for my first use that created the chafing issue.  It was a large T-shirt, and the jacket is a medium, so there would have been some bunching up.  This time the undershirt was also medium. 

So how does the running jacket perform?  Couldn’t tell that night;  the undershirt was a regular cotton t-shirt which was therefore soaking wet after 20 minutes. 

It was an exceptionally light winter for cold and snow.  Hardly any of either.  This week it rained, turning into ice pellets on the way home.  That sure stings the face.  If it was winter, I would be on the cruiser, with full face gear, or perhaps my rain coat.  The road bike isn’t so good for that.  Since it wasn’t raining in the morning, I didn’t wear the rain coat and got a good soaking on the home trip, plus the ice pellets to the face. 

Here I am ready to take the jacket out for trip #3.  It’s night time.  The reflectors were a requirement when buying the jacket.  Can’t go out wearing all black and no reflectors.  Spouse commented that I’m looking like a professional.  I considered that I look more like a hoodlum about to break into your back porch.  The black beanie is especially good for that effect.  It’s about 5C out, so it’s a one-bottle run. 

I was feeling strong, and opted for the longer course out behind the auto plant, where I got stuck behind this train. 

Okay, so the camera in the phone doesn't work at night.  It was 3-4 minutes for it to pass.  I did some stretches,  drank my water.  At the top is a daytime pic of the rail line there. 

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